Product safety is a major concern for food manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. Food borne illnesses receive a lot of media attention and it is therefore critical to implement reliable and timely microbiological testing to ensure that your food products are free of microbiological contaminants. Microbiology testing is also important in monitoring the quality of your food products.

GHP Testing & Calibration Lab provides ISO 17025 accredited Microbiological (Food Testing) and Chemical Testing services across the Middle East. Our clients often require quick turnaround of their laboratory testing results. We always process and begin the microbiological analysis the day the food samples arrive. At GHP, our skilled and experienced microbiologists utilize validated and accredited laboratory methods to accurately test the safety and quality of your food product.

Environmental Testing

GHP Environmental Monitoring and laboratory services is pleased to announce its analytical services continues to operate to meet nationally recognized Federal and Municipal Environmental Regulations and Standards of UAE - along with our consulting, engineering and on-site assessment services.


Food and water Microbiology testing is important to ensure the safety and quality of raw ingredients, finished product and environmental samples. We offers complete analytical services for microbiological quality assessment and characterization of potable/drinking water for human consumption, surface and recreational waters for the assessment of microbiological contamination. Our lab focus is on microbiological analysis of all types of food and water from catering, hospitality, GMP Plants etc. Airborne mold and bacteria known to cause asthma, hypersensitivity, allergic reactions etc. We offer indoor air quality monitoring for bacteria and molds as well.

Physio Chemical Analysis

Physical properties of foods are important for the proper design of food processing, handling, and storage systems. Various food processing methods can potentially alter those physical properties and cause changes in nutrient profiles, texture, color, taste, aroma and other quality attributes. Therefore, it is important to investigate the physical characteristics to find out how they affect the quality attributes. We offer physical analysis like Migration analysis, Bulk Density, Refractive index, Specific gravity etc for all types of foods, food products and water.

Shelf Life Studies

Shelf-life determination is an integral part of manufacturers’ food safety management systems and also an important property of food products that provides a scientific basis for the setting of their minimum durability indication. Shelf-life represents the period of time during which the food product will remain, safe; retain its desired sensory, chemical, physical, microbiological and functional characteristics. Shelf-life is important to food manufacturers and processors as well as consumers. We offer real time shelf life analysis of all types of products.

Chemical Analysis

One of the most important reasons for analyzing foods from both the consumers and the manufacturer’s standpoint is to ensure that they are safe. Water testing is carried out to identify and quantify the chemical components and properties of water samples. Water for different purposes have its own requirements for composition and purity. Contaminated water is the main cause for pathogen-loading, posing a serious health hazard to its consumer. Each body of water needs to be analyzed on a regular basis to confirm to suitability. We analyses the food and water samples for any toxic substances by using our validated methods so that the food manufactures can ensure that their product is safe. We are conducting screening and detection of various allergens and specific toxins in foods and food products such as Histamine, Aflatoxin and Gluten etc. using highly sensitive test kits and immunoassays.

Areas of Operation

Founded at Dubai in April 2006, the firm quickly expanded to become one of the leading Food Safety Training and HACCP / ISO Management Consulting firm in the region. Soon after by the year 2007 it has developed its field of expertise in EHS sector and offering its Food Safety & EHS services in the Middle East, other Gulf region, North Africa, and South Asia.

Strategic Principles

GHP is driven by 3 main principles. Innovate, Value Added Services & Value Added Customers


GHP QUALITY CONSULTANTS is an approved and registered Quality Consultancy Company by Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & JAFZA Government. GHP provides training programs and issues certificates with the endorsement of all Municipalities.


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