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GHP FTC Lab is a Dubai Municipality Registered Laboratory. GHP as organization is providing commercial instrument calibration and test equipment repair services for a wide variety of measurement and test equipment.

Mass & Weights

A spring scale measures weight by the distance a spring deflects under its load.
A balance compares the t orque on the arm due to the sample weight to the torque on the arm due to a standard reference weight using a horizontal lever.


Temperature is one of the most frequently measured parameters in industrial processes. A wide variety of mechanical and electrical thermometers is used to sense and control process temperatures. Regular calibration of these thermometers is critical to ensuring consistent quality of product manufactured, as well as providing regulatory compliance for all Food & Hospitality industries.


Pressure is also one of the most frequently measured parameters in industrial processes. Regular calibration of these pressure gauges is required for continuous steady & Quality Product output.

Areas of Operation

Founded at Dubai in April 2006, the firm quickly expanded to become one of the leading Food Safety Training and HACCP / ISO Management Consulting firm in the region. Soon after by the year 2007 it has developed its field of expertise in EHS sector and offering its Food Safety & EHS services in the Middle East, other Gulf region, North Africa, and South Asia.

Strategic Principles

GHP is driven by 3 main principles. Innovate, Value Added Services & Value Added Customers


GHP QUALITY CONSULTANTS is an approved and registered Quality Consultancy Company by Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & JAFZA Government. GHP provides training programs and issues certificates with the endorsement of all Municipalities.


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